Cape Cod Vacation Rentals

Chatham, Massachusetts

Chatham is a key destination for travellers on Cape Cod and has many vacation rentals available.Incorporated in 1712, Chatham is an amazing town. As the elbow of the Cape, it offers many beaches including Cockle Cove Beach, Forest Street Beach, Hardings Beach, Lighthouse Beach, North and South Beaches, Oyster Pond, Pleasant Bay Beach and Ridgevale Beach. The beachs offer rougher waters on the Atlantic Ocean and calmer and usually warmer water along Nantucket Sound. The town is very charming and has many shops, restaurants and landmarks.

Throughout the summer there are many events that give visitors lots to do in Chatham. There are fishing charters, kayak rentals, a fantastic 4th of July parade, baseball games featuring the Chatham As, concerts and much more.

One of the main attractions is the Chatham Light which sits on a bluff with magnificent views and plenty of parking for visitors. Originally constructed in 1808, the Chatham lighthouse recently celebrated its 400th birthday. Thomas Jefferson appointed its first keeper.

Hardings Beach on Nantucket Sound
Chatham Has Many Beaches
Monomoy Island in Chatham
Monomoy Island
Kayakers, Nantucket Sound, Monomoy Island
Kayakers on Nantucket Sound
Stage Harbor Lighthouse
Stage Harbor Lighthouse in Chatham

In 1606 Samuel De Champlain visited the area when he needed to repair his ship. Then, in 1656, Pilgrim William Nickerson visited purchased the Chatham's land from the Sachem Monomoyick Indians. The town was incorporated in 1712. are two theories for how Chatham received its name. One claims it was named after the Earl of Chatham, England and another says it was named in hopes of mimicking its English counterpart and becoming a successful naval station.

Chatham has a number of neighborhoods/areas that are destinations for visitors: downtown, North Chatham, West Chatham, South Chatham, Morris Island and Monomoy Island.