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Provincetown, Massachusetts

Chatham is a key destination for travellers and has many vacation rentals available.

Provincetown is where it all started for the Pilgrims in the new world. Before moving on to Plymouth, it was here where they stepped on dry land on November of 1620. It was also here where the pilgrims drafted and signed the Mayflower Compact. Prior to the Pilgrims, the Norse are presumed to have visited the area in 1604 and Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602.

Long Pint Lighthouse in Cod Cod Bay
Long Point Light

During the American Revolution, P-Town was the sight of battles between the British and American rebels. Then, in 1899, the town became an art colony. It is known as America's oldest continuous art colony.

Besides being an art colony, it is also considered Cape Cod's wildest town these days.

One special attraction in P-Town is the Old Town Cemetery where four passengers who died aboard the Mayflower are buried. Another is the Provincetown Museum which has exhibits dedicated to the Pilgrims. the area also has amazing beaches graced with large sand dunes.